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Love in Umbria

Our project

Umbria and Wedding, a combination that will become increasingly popular in the near future. The question that spontaneously arises is always the same: why come and get married in Umbria? 

The project stems from the need to develop one of the emerging tourist segments of recent years: that of weddings. The phenomenon is becoming more and more attractive for hotels, restaurants and destinations, according to recent data released by various research.

Umbria has always been one of the most popular Italian regions for celebrating weddings, in particular for foreigners and is among the most popular emerging destinations . With ‘Love in Umbria’ we aim at a targeted promotion in this growing sector with accommodation facilities that are increasingly suitable for hosting this kind of event, which also represents a new way to promote Italy around the world.
The Project will implement promotion and communication actions aimed at increasing the competitiveness of ‘Destination Umbria’, in order to strengthen the perception of the Umbria Brand as a whole; to enhance itineraries and products focused on cultural and environmental attractions; to promote specific itineraries and products in an overall logic and finally to strengthen the cognitive tools to support the promotion and advertisement actions through the enhancement of the regional museum system, monumental attractions and the unique environment.
The territory concerned will be the entire regional territory, the Wedding product and everything that revolves around it; developed by enhancing the main cultural and landscape attractions and by coordinating promotional and institutional communication actions, aimed at strengthening knowledge of the Umbria destination.
The companies involved in the Project are committed to adopting the qualitative and quantitative standards provided for by the Love in Umbria QUALITY DISCIPLINARY (QUALITY SPECIFICATION) and therefore guarantee the minimum common endowments.

Costruzione e promo-commercializzazione del prodotto turistico Love in Umbria, finanziato con i fondi POR FESR 2014-2020 – Azione 3.2.2